Pre surgery test is a requirement for anyone who may need surgery for their health. However, before getting these tests, one should comply with the necessary examinations from a dentist. For patients who needs to undergo flapless implant surgery, they should get a consultation first. All the more should HIV patients get a go-signal first before getting dental implants. HIV transmission during dental surgeries is very risky for medical practitioners or staff of the dental clinic. Management of HIV-infected patients needs thorough training and education. Likewise, doctors and dentists themselves are also required to have examinations before doing their dental practice. 

What Are The Pre Surgery Requirements For HIV Patients?

Before any medical or dental treatment, HIV patients may have to do additional protection so infection won’t spread. The patient should inform his or her doctor for any surgery or operation as soon as possible. The hospital can even give referrals so that the patient can be sure to get safe and preventive treatments. During the pre surgery test, an HIV patient must have a dental clearance just like any other patients. For those who may need to get surgery anytime soon, a dentist must indicate no signs of dental diseases in the patient. A dentist also can check if the patient has other medical conditions apart from HIV so that this information is in the report.  

Importance Of Careful Dental Management For HIV

HIV in a clinical setting raises the alarm for the medical or dental practitioner. Since HIV is a disease that transmits through bodily fluids, extra care is a must. Microorganisms can transfer from surgical incisions, wounds, or cuts. These fluids can transfer in dental handpieces, dental mirrors, or other surgical tools used by dentists. To reduce this risk of infection, preemptive measures are always necessary. Cleaning with antiseptics and wearing of proper garments for surgery is also part of the standard procedures. Other cleaning machines are also useful to prevent the spread of HIV. Hence, many dental clinics practice the method of sterilization through autoclaves. These machines can disinfect and sterilize equipment and tools used during dental practice. 

Types Of Pre Surgery Test And Examinations

Taking any of these pre surgery test or examinations while being an HIV patient should notify the medical technician. Proper care during these examinations and tests are necessary to prevent the spread of diseases. What are these assessments before any surgery? Check out what you should expect after your consultation from a dentist or doctor. 

X-Ray Examination

Types Of Dental Pre Surgery Test And Examinations For HIV PatientsX-ray examinations differ in their types of tests. Chest or lung examinations are usually the general categories for X-rays. Also, some can get a full x-ray examination such as CT (computed tomography) scan or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) for complete details. These examinations can help the doctor to find out any underlying problems in the patient. Patients that will get a dental surgery soon may also expect to get an x-ray examination of their teeth.  

Heart Examination 

An electrocardiogram test (ECG) is an examination to check any irregular heartbeat in the patient. ECG is usually not enough to detect any heart problems, so doctors also use tests like coronary angiogram or stress tests. These tests can be digital and have a better look at the 

Laboratory Tests 

A blood test or urine sample are some of the requirements during the laboratory test. If you’re a patient with an HIV, you should inform your doctor about your condition. You may also have to ask your doctor on how to prevent the spreading of HIV.