Patient confidentiality in healthcare is one of the professional direction that is expected for any health care professional and support staff. Confidentiality is key with frequent reviews being done to make sure patients who share their information with the healthcare are equally protected. When it comes to HIV positive patient, the level of confidentiality about all the information that they provide is even higher. When you want to undergo surgery, the drTummyTuckBrisbane team ensures patient confidentiality for HIV patients.

The patients have full control of the information that they provide and can influence how they will be used. Before such information are collected from patients, they must have an assurance that they will be safe and only accessible to the right and specified individuals. In some cases, the HIV patient will have to be contacted before the information provided to the healthcare can be shared.

patient confidentiality in healthcareWho can share the patient information?

When the records of an HIV patient are taken, they aren’t meant to be used against the patient but instead should be used for health management. The information can then be shared by healthcare providers who deal directly with the HIV patient within healthcare. Even with the full access to the patient’s information, any research that requires the use of such information must first seek the consent of the patient before they can be used.

Lack of confidentiality can make the patient vulnerable.

HIV is a very sensitive and publicly declaring the patients HIV status can easily cause stigma on them and the related environment. Before the information is shared, always have the best interest of the patient and make sure the move won’t make them vulnerable.

When you lack confidentiality about the HIV patient’s information they can easily end up with wrong people who may use it against the patient. With a lot of pressure that comes with HIV, they can be extremely vulnerable when their status is declared publicly. Patient confidentiality in healthcare is the best way to protect them against the stigma that may arise.