Apart from the stigma that HIV patients receive from society, there are many other problems that are related to their conditions. Whenever they experience a nose infection that can affect the airway and the breathing process, handling HIV patients can be challenging. You might wonder how safe is a nose surgery for HIV patients? The doctors must first handle their immune systems including the CD4 counts and monitor it for some time before they are subjected to nose surgery to help open airway.

For a successful surgery on the nose, the patients will need a specialist who understands their condition and can handle the nose surgery as well. Below are some of the safety measures that are used in nose surgery to safely open airway for HIV patients.

  1. Monitor the immune system.

Remember the HIV patient already has very weak immune and adding any surgery without the right monitoring can complicate the matter. The doctor will carry out the necessary test to confirm the body status, the stability of the immune system and whether the body will support the nose healing process. When the immune is very weak, their safety in nose surgery to open airway can be compromised making it a permanent wound.

  1. nose surgery to open airwayControl other possible infections.

Since HIV patients are on the high-end risk and have a higher possibility of getting other infections during nose surgery, it’s important for the doctor to handle them keenly. The items used and the condition of the environment where the surgery is done must highly support the HIV patient.

  1. Use the best surgery option to open airway. (Avoid open surgery if possible)

When the airway is blocked and the HIV patient is finding it difficult to breathe, the doctor should settle on the best surgery option that is safe. Cases, where open surgery isn’t a must, can use alternative ways to have the airway opened because a small opening on the HIV patient body may take longer to heal.