We all know that HIV cannot be cured but it can definitely be controlled in terms of the symptoms. This can be done by already doing regular therapy for HIV. There were various studies about HIV treatment. Now that we’ve said that, one question still remains unanswered is if there are other things we can do minimize the side effets.

Actually, there is an even natural treatment for HIV which is fairly simple to do and implement. This natural treatment for HIV should be considered as a supplement to already great therapy. One of the best natural treatments for HIV is pretty much any physical activity with low to medium intensity. More specifically yoga.

natural treatment

The benefits of yoga are pretty much endless and that’s the thing with these natural treatments. They don’t specifically target HIV but they help the person all around ultimately resulting in more benefits. For example, with yoga, you get the benefits of lower stress levels, lower levels of anxiety and depression, mental clarity and many more.

Another thing you can consider as a natural treatment for HIV is supplementation and herbal medication. You can find them anywhere and some manufacturers claim that their products have healing properties but the problem is that these claims are not confirmed. Sometimes they can be dangerous which is why you need to exercise caution and really consider before buying.

Another thing you can consider is medical marijuana. It is not legal in some parts of the US but if it’s available to you can think about it.

In conclusion, there really are some things we can do about HIV but the general rule I would follow is that the fewer things you put in your body the better. Stick to the natural treatments and if they don’t have the effects you want, feel free to choose your next step.