What Are The Symptoms Of AIDS? Different Stages of HIV

We now live in a world that accepts open conversations about HIV and AIDS. Years before, these two topics are taboo; no one dared to speak up regarding all things related to them. People who are confirmed to have HIV infection get discriminated, called names, and are considered unacceptable. It’s a good thing now that more and more people-advocate are standing up, and realizations start sinking in with regard to this viral infection. Let us learn more about HIV, what the difference is between HIV and AIDS, what are the symptoms of AIDS, and what we can do if we contracted this viral infection.

Types Of Dental Pre Surgery Test And Examinations (For HIV Patients)

Pre surgery test is a requirement for anyone who may need surgery for their health. However, before getting these tests, one should comply with the necessary examinations from a dentist. For patients who needs to undergo flapless implant surgery, they should get a consultation first. All the more should HIV patients get a go-signal first before getting dental implants. HIV transmission during dental surgeries is very risky for medical practitioners or staff of the dental clinic.

Can HIV Patients Get Dental Topical Anesthetic? (Dentist’s Guide)

Infection control from HIV is very important for both medical and dental professionals. In fact, HIV patients who get their dental care routine may transmit the disease easily in dental clinics. It can get dangerous considering HIV can transfer from dental tools or cotton swabs. Thus, a dental professional who treats HIV patients should clean the environment properly and use gloves. Sterilization and proper hygiene practice while treating an HIV patient with dental topical anesthetic is useful. Dentists may also use alternative anesthetics such as laughing gas masks or oral anesthesia. If you are interested, you may learn more about sleep dentistry by clicking on this link.