What is clinical massage therapy? How can it help a patient deal with various aches and pains in their body? This article will talk about how clinical massage therapy works, and when people should seek this kind of treatment. If you are interested, try going to a remedial massage clinic, get more information by clicking the link.

What is clinical massage therapy?

Clinical massage therapy is a type of massage that is done with a specific purpose. A clinical massage therapist has extensive knowledge of how aches and pains can signal which muscles need to be worked on, and they can administer massage treatment to get rid of those pains. These massage practitioners perform and use techniques that are designed to help people with injuries, increase the function of specific muscles and to improve a person’s range of motion.

What is the difference between clinical massage therapy and regular massage therapy?

There are a few distinct differences between regular massage therapy and clinical massage therapy. Although both use the power of a person’s hands to help cure the pains of an individual, there are differences between these two massage methodologies.

Regular massage treatment

Most people use this treatment method to relax their tired muscles. If their muscles are feeling strained, or have tension in them, The massage therapy methods used are meant to give the person relaxation and get rid of random knots in the muscles but has no specific type of muscle or part of the body being targeted. Also, this type of massage does not require a prescription from a doctor and can be availed of for leisure purposes.

Clinical massage therapy

clinical massage therapyThis type of massage is done for patients who have more serious medical issues. It can be performed on athletes that are experiencing muscle strain and tension after a tough game, or it can be used as a way for a person with chronic pain to help them get rid of the discomfort they feel. People who suffer from a chronic illness can also use clinical massage therapy under the orders of their doctor to help them alleviate the pain that is caused by their medical condition. In other words, clinical massage therapy is done in conjunction with medical treatment and is aimed at helping people get pain relief because of the pain they feel concerning their medical illnesses.

When does a patient need clinical massage therapy?

Usually, when a patient goes in for a session if clinical massage therapy, it would be under the orders of a physician. If you are looking to remove knotted-up muscles and various pains around your body, you may need only a regular massage session. However, if you feel pains in your body that are related to a specific illness that you have, or if you are experiencing chronic pain, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor if you can be a candidate to have a clinical massage therapy session. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you will benefit from this type of treatment or not.