Biting down on hard food/object may cause your tooth to break off especially if it had decay underneath it. However, some may just break off even with no decays. A broken tooth replacement treatment will depend on the severity of the breakage on the tooth. A badly broken tooth will require more procedure, but a small breakage will actually require a single office visit. Below are the safe ways to replace your broken teeth.

a) Dental filling and bonding

If a small piece of your tooth breaks off, a dental filling will be used to repair it. However, if the breakage is on the front tooth where everyone can see, the bonding procedure may be performed. This procedure involves etching the surface of the broken tooth to roughen it, and then applying an adhesive material. The adhesive material is shaped to resemble a natural tooth and an ultraviolet light used to harden it.

b) Dental cap/crown

Crown will be used in cases where a large piece of tooth enamel has broken. The remaining piece is filed and a crown placed to cover the broken piece. If the entire tooth is totally broken but the root is intact, a root canal therapy will be performed. A pin will be placed on the canal and a structure built onto which a crown will be placed.

c) Dental veneers broken tooth replacement

This is an alternative of front tooth replacement in case of a breakage. This is just a thin shell of resin or porcelain composite material used to cover the entire front tooth. Just like the fake nails.

d) Root canal therapy

This happens when the broken tooth is large to expose the pulp. The pulp may get damaged and become sensitive causing pain on the tooth. A root canal therapy will, therefore, be performed to remove the dead pulp, clean and seal the area. The remaining broken tooth will be covered with a crown.

In conclusion

The broken tooth should be treated in the quickest time possible. This will avert further damage or infections to the area that may even cause loosing of the tooth. Replace the broken tooth to make your teeth remain stronger and uniform.