Nowadays, social media plays a big role in different industries, such as news and current affairs, entertainment, as well as marketing. Read why a modern website is important:


What is social media marketing?

It is a kind of marketing strategy that uses social media platforms. It is sometimes referred to as “digital marketing” and “e-marketing”. Digital marketing is the strategy to use the internet, mobile devices, search engines, and other kinds of channels to reach out to their customers.

One of the most popular channels of digital marketing is the social medial platform. Social media platforms serve as the connecting channel to reach the target audience, promote products, build brand credibility, increase sales, and publish your stand among your competitors.

Social media marketing also creates a way for marketers to continuously develop more strategies and tactics. It encourages them to be more creative in using major social media platforms to achieve their targets. As can be seen, social media has been huge in engaging closely with followers to reach out to their needs and wants.


Benefits of social media marketing

Being in the millennial age, technological advancements are at their peak and social media networks are one of these advancements. Recently, various social media platforms have been popping in and out. It was undeniably out of control. Let me give you several benefits of social media marketing.

  • customer interactionThrough social media marketing, you can increase brand awareness. It will help you build and expand the reputation of your business. Brand awareness using social media marketing heightens recognition within a broad range of consumers. An increased brand awareness occurs from the continuous shares and thousands of consumers able to recognize your brand.
  • Using social media marketing allows you to increase your website traffic. You can reach different audiences in a personal, useful, and entertaining way. In this way, you can also get potential customers in the long run. You can use several social media platforms to show your customers the reason why they should follow your websites.
  • It strengthens your capacity to satisfy your customers. As you can reach out directly to your target consumers, you will be able to communicate with them well. Besides, social media is now one of the best options to serve as the voice of the company you represent. A part of well-served customer service is actively responding to the customers. In this case, the customers will appreciate you and might be encouraged more to purchase the brand you are marketing to them.
  • Moreover, social media marketing also helps you distinguish what needs improvement. Either about your customer service or your brand or even your marketing strategies as well. It is a good opportunity that you can take to enhance your overall system to increase your competitiveness among others. Putting the perspective of the customers first and foremost is the best way to build customer loyalty.


Disadvantages of social media marketing

Every strategy has certain disadvantages. This condition does not exactly mean that marketers have chosen the wrong approach. These disadvantages are only challenges incorporated with social media marketing.

  • It is not always positive feedback. Social media is a kind of channel wherein customers can burst out their negative experiences towards a company. In reality, when they experienced a point of dissatisfaction, whether it’s on service or product, they use social media to share details about it. In this case, as soon as your company has gained too much negative feedback, it can become your greatest weakness. No matter how effective you are in the first place, it can decrease your credibility.
  • Good or bad, people normally keep a close eye on every post, especially if the post started to go viral. In case there is a viral post and you connected to it the wrong way, it will be a source of talk on social media. It will indeed cause a negative impact on your company.
  • It is a strategy that demands a lot of time investment. Posting one or two contents will not make your company outgrow other companies. It is a never-ending campaign to keep your company the talk of the town. Additionally, it also means investing manpower to handle the overwhelming tasks inclined with social media marketing.
  • Lastly, using social media does not guarantee immediate results right after you posted. It takes time to see how effective your post has become. You will be needing to set an amount of time before you can gain results and develop another tactic for your campaign. Either to simply improve or to create a new one because it flopped.


Point of realization

Social media marketing can either be an asset or a liability. It depends on the skills and abilities of the marketers. Success in social media marketing requires an intelligent and continuous discovery to maximize the benefits of social media platforms.