HIV transmission to infants from the mother is likely to happen during delivery and breastfeeding, especially when a negative mother is not under particular medication to reduce the viral load in breast milk. Click this link and contact ^^ to ask expert advice on medication while breastfeeding.

Traces of HIV have been found in breast milk with studies showing that HIV is permeable to mucosal tissue around the gastrointestinal tract surface such as mouth which in turn infects the neonates. Low CD4 cells are likely to be outnumbered in case of high viral load, thus increasing chances of transmitting the HIV which in advanced stages becomes AIDS.

Just like in blood, HIV is also found in breast milk. The viral load is the amount of the virus in a given amount of blood or milk from an infected person. Some antiretroviral drugs are administered to prevent many multiples of them. When an infected woman fails to take these drugs, then transiting the viruses to the infant is very high. There is an uncertainty of how the actual transmission of the virus from breast milk occurs since some infants get infected during delivery.

aids from breast milkA negative mother who has contracted HIV while pregnant is more likely to transmit the virus through the breast milking than a mother who had infections even during conception. Less viraemic women are less likely to transmit aids from breast milk to their infants and their spouses who breastfeed, especially during sexual intercourses.

It is recommended that mothers seek midwife guidance so that they can make informed decisions on whether to breastfeed their children or not.

The first case of aids from breast milk was recorded when an infant who has been delivered by the cesarean section from a negative mother contracted aids from the mother. The infant was breastfed for six weeks after the mother has received the infected blood. The mother initially was HIV-negative, but due to the enormous loss of her blood, she had a blood transfusion, but unfortunately, the blood was HIV-positive thus the daughter, and the mother both ended with aids.