Belt lipectomy is a form of plastic surgery which is normally done to eliminate both excess body fat and loose skin around an individual’s belt line or waist. It’s also referred to as a circumferential tummy tuck, panniculectomy, and abdominal lipectomy. This type of surgery usually occurs after a person loses a lot of weight in his or her body, and it’s done often after the loss of weight surgery. If you want to know more about abdominoplasty, check here to find out.


Why undergo belt lipectomy?

Note that, when an individual gets extra or additional weight, their skin usually stretches in due course. When one loses a great deal of his or her weight, the skin normally finds it hard to be elastic to enable it to spring back into its right position. This may result in additional skin folds of its tissue. Consequently, this might lead to you having a love handle on your lower back and around your belly. You may also have additional skin folds under your chin, along inner sections of your thighs and on your upper arms. You may require a belt lipectomy plus other related surgeries to allow you to improve your appearance.


belt lipectomy surgeryBelt lipectomy: The procedure

During the process of belt lipectomy, the doctor or rather your cosmetic surgeon eliminates additional areas of tissue. He or she normally cut around your belly and lower back to remove extra fat and skin. He or she, later on, sew your tissue which is left back together. A smooth contour always results after this procedure. A belt lipectomy enables you to flatten your stomach. Additionally, it also lifts the outside of one’s thighs and your buttocks. All of this usually occurs while you are under overall anesthesia in sleep.

This procedure is always safe and secure but when it’s not done properly, it’s often associated with complications. Some of the risks that this surgery comes with are not limited to infection, heavy bleeding, challenges with wound bleeding, nerve damage, challenges with anesthesia, problems with blood clot among others. Sometimes it can also be difficult to get the outcome that you intend to get from the surgery.


It’s always important to consult your doctor before taking any form of surgery o that he or she can advise you accordingly, belt lipectomy is not exceptional.